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Additional Inscriptions

Should an additional inscription be required we are able to match the original inscription on the memorial. We would normally carry out some restoration work to the original inscription for example if it was gilded so that both inscriptions would age at the same rate and continue to match each other. We also have a removal service and storage facility at our workshop, if required, for memorials removed for a second burial. If you require an additional inscription we can advise you how many lines are available in the space left on the memorial.


From time to time burial authorities will individually check the stability of memorials that are situated in their cemeteries. There are occasions when a memorial is deemed to be unsafe and attention to the memorial is required. As accredited monumental masons, we offer a comprehensive repair service with all work guaranteed with a certificate of compliance.

Over the years the elements can take their toll on a memorial. We see many memorials which have lost their lustre and inscriptions have faded. In our hands we can restore a memorial to its former glory by carefully removing the engrained grime in the stone and where necessary restoring the inscription. We will also replace any missing or damage flower containers as part of the service. If the memorial is unlevel or unstable we will advise you of the cost and if this is a health and safety issue with the local authority.

If you are interested in having a memorial cleaned or refurbished we can visit the grave and inspect the memorial free of charge with no obligation to proceed with our quotation.


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